Essentials Kit For Men

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High Protein Shake, Multivitamin, very nutritious meal shake to reduce recovery times, and complete multivitamin for active men
The Essentials Kit for Men is a three-in-one solution specifically designed to get the needs of active men who are looking to take their sport to the next level.
Each kit provides a simple solution for the casual, aspiring and elite male athlete. The NutriBoost provides the strong nutritional foundation to improve performance, the EnduroBoost to help combat fatigue, promote performance and protect from stress, and the Sport Multi-Vitamin for Men to increase energy levels and reduce recovery times.
Protein shake for recovery and sport
NutriBoost is a nutritionally-dense, delicious, shake that provides your body with the nutrition it deserves to enable you to reach your true potential. Improved performance begins with a solid nutritional foundation, and just three servings of the NutriBoost provides your body with 100% of the nutrition it needs to help you achieve maximum health.
Scientifically designed to speed-up recovery from training, illness, and injury, the NutriBoost can fill any gaps in any diet, making it the perfect addition to, or replacement for, any meal. Give your body what it needs to get you where you want to go.
Adaptogens for sports
EnduroBoost is a combination of three Adaptogenic herbs, specifically formulated for athletes to promote physical performance, increase mental and physical stamina, reduce recovery times, and fight stress. This unique product helps your body adapt and deal with both mental and physical stress and fatigue, and will help you push yourself further for longer, safely.
Everybody deals with stress differently, the EnduroBoost is designed to help athletes adapt to the stressful demands of their sport. EnduroBoost Adaptogens help promote more controlled breathing, reduce recovery times, stiffness and cramping, and help athletes maintain focus and concentration for longer. Every batch is tested to be free of banned and illegal substances by the accredited third-party Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG).
Multivitamins for Sportsmen
The Sport Multi-Vitamin for Men is a combination of energizing and cardioprotective B-Vitamins, zinc, and selenium to promote immune system and prostate health, and vitality-supporting Panax Ginseng.
This Multi-Vitamin is specifically designed for active men to help increase energy levels and reduce recovery times.
P2life Athletes
Our results are backed by numbers. Within two years of launching over 40% of the USA Men's National Swim Team were taking P2Life products. Over the years, these athletes have brought home more than 18 Olympic medals, and have set multiple World Records.
P2Life Masters Athletes have set over 700 Masters Swimming World Records, 40 of which were set by P2Life Co-founder, Tim Shead. Athletes taking P2Life products have set over 90 National Age Group records, and 71% of P2Life Masters athletes have been inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Are you ready to achieve your personal best?
Are Supplements Safe for men
Every product in the Essentials Kit For Men is batch tested to be free of banned and illegal substances by the accredited third-party Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG). This allows competing athletes and consumers to take our products with the utmost confidence knowing that Essentials Kit For Men is free from contamination and is safe.
BSCG Certified Drug Free dietary supplements are evaluated and tested for more than 483 drugs. Their industry leading testing menus protect against 272 drugs on the World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List, more than any other supplement certification program available. They also cover an additional 211 prescription, over-the-counter, and illicit drugs not banned in sport, that no other program includes. Testing with BSCG ensures that the Essentials Kit For Men is “free of drug contamination that could cause an athlete to test positive on a drug test or lead to health concerns."
Supplements For Men
Aspiring Athletes (16+ years training 1+ hours daily)
Aspiring male athletes looking to up their sporting game and maintain or excel in their academics are under significant pressure. The Essentials Kit for Men is specifically designed to give male athletes the nutritional edge they need, to reduce recovery times and help combat fatigue so they can enjoy this time with less stress.
Elite Athletes (16+ years training 2+ hours daily)
Elite male athletes training more than two hours a day face intense physical and mental demands. Their bodies require more nutrients to repair effectively and avoid injury, as well as enough energy to cope with rigorous academics and stress. The Essentials Kit for Men is designed to give male athletes the nutritional, endurance, and multi-vitamin boost to help you up your game and combat stress.
Master Athletes (25 + years old, those look to stay fit and healthy)
Adult male athletes deal with daily stress that makes it difficult to get three balanced meals a day, and easy to pick up bad eating habits and nutritional deficiencies, which can wreck havoc on your training regime and overall health. As you get older, it becomes increasingly crucial that you eat correctly, exercise regularly and train with weights. The Essentials Kit for Men is a simple solution for male athletes that helps you meet your nutritional needs, conveniently, as well as giving you an endurance and a multi-vitamin boost to promote performance and protect bone health.
Everyone has their own training style, and the Essentials Kit for Men is built to suit your unique needs. Our online quizzes are designed to help you understand your optimal dosages for your training regiment and nutritional needs. P2Life customer service is always available to answer your questions, or you can email P2Life’s president directly.
Our subscription model is customizable to suit your needs, and designed to help you save time and money. You can arrange to have your ideal order delivered as often as you need, and modify or cancel at any time. Every subscriber saves 10% on their order.

Product Details

Contained Products
  • 1x Nutriboost
  • 1x Enduroboost Adaptogens
  • 1x Sport Multivitamin For Men
  • Servings Roughly 30 (Varies between each product)
    Cost Per Serving
  • Less than a coffee, a whole lot more nutritious, and keeps you on your toes for a lot longer.
  • $2.62 (Compared to $3.50 due to bundle or a $26.40 saving per 30 servings).
  • $2.36 (Compared to $3.15 due to bundle or a $23.70 saving per 30 servings)
  • Nutritional Info
    Directions For Use
    Recommended Age Ages 16+
    Some users may possess allergies to Spirulina (infrequent) in the Multivitamins
  • Schisandra Chinesis (in Enduroboost Adaptogens) may interact with Warfarin
  • What Else?
    A whole bunch of awesomeness for your body.