Linnea Mack

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

Linnea Mack is a 2021 Olympic hopeful training with Team Elite Aquatics, under the guidance of Olympic Coach David Marsh in San Diego, CA. As a former Bruin she was an eighteen-time All American, eight-time UCLA record holder and Division I NCAA finalist. She was a member of the LA Current in the International Swim League’s inaugural year, helping to secure the team's title at the US Derby. In addition, Linnea is a certified yoga instructor and she has an extensive background in educating elementary students about nutrition and sustainable living.


8x UCLA School Record Holder

Linnea's records include 3 Individual 50, 100 Freestyle, 100Backstroke & 5 Relay Records 200, 400, 800FR; 200, 400 MR.

Hall of Fame Inductee

Linnea was inducted to the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame as a high school senior in 2013.

US Derby Champion

Linnea competed as a member of the International Swim League’s LA Current to secure the 2019 Derby title.

Linnea's plan

Linnea gets up at 5 am, trains for 10-15 hours per week, does dry-land training and will lift weights 2 times per week.

2x NutriBoost (monthly) for filling in any nutritional gaps in her diet, promoting recovery and rebuilding muscle.

1x PowerBoost (monthly) for building lean muscle and increasing power output.

2x EnduroBoost Adaptogens (monthly) for mental focus and alertness.


I started swimming on Osprey Aquatics when I was 8 years old. I have competed at 2 Olympic Trials, various international meets & was a member of the USA National Junior Team. I am now training with Team Elite San Diego & I am part of the ISL LA Current team. In addition to pool time, my training includes weightlifting, yoga, surfing and Orangetheory. I grew up eating organic wholesome food. I also served in FoodCorps, empowering kids with the ability to grow their own food & make healthy choices. I believe in the power of food & all it can do to heal the body. Hence why I joined the P2Life family!