Rayanne Kelly

"The more challenging the accomplishment, the better the story when it's over."

Rayanne Kelly, endurance backpacker, adventurer, & distance runner, began her outdoor escapades in 2017 setting out to solo hike the 2200 mile Appalachian Trail. Hiking from Georgia to Maine at the age of 53, Rayanne finished the trek after 5 months of rugged terrain, torrential downpours, and significant physical and mental challenges. In 2020 she is aiming to complete the 3000 mile Continental Divide Trail from the Mexican border to Canada, powered by drive, determination, and nutritional focus.


Endurance Backpacker

2017 Appalacian Trail Thru Hike Completion in a single season.

Distance Runner

Rayanne has completed countless marathons, half marathons, and assorted other races throughout the US.

Section Hiker

Rayanne has hiked significant portions of the Pacific Crest Trail, Colorado Trail, Grand Canyon, Scottish National Trail and many others.

Rayanne's plan

Rayanne runs several times a week, does the occasional marathon, and walks long distances as a part of her training for months on the trail.

2x EnduroBoost Adaptogens (monthly) for mental focus, alertness and endurance, and for combatting stress.

1x Sport Multi-vitamins for Women (monthly) for her daily dose of vitamins and minerals required for optimal health and to maintain a healthy immune system.