Richard Burn

"Swimming is a way to quantify your life. You can see how you compare to what you did a year or two ago, or 20 or 30 years ago."

I swam in high school and college (under Doc Counsilman). After a 10 year break I found Masters and have been training and competing since 1976. The commitment has allowed me to improve to the point where I have set a bunch of FINA Masters world records and was honored with induction into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame.


Swimming Hall of Fame Inductee

Rich was inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame in 2010

3x World Master Swimmer of the Year

Rich has been making this prestigious list year for the past 7 consecutive years! There are only 6 men per year who make it.

Cancer Survivor

Removal of my bladder from cancer and coming back stronger than before.

Richard's plan

World Class Master Swimmer

2x NutriBoost (monthly) for filling in nutritional gaps, promoting recovery and rebuilding muscle

1x PowerBoost (monthly) for building lean muscle

2x EnduroBoost Adaptogens (monthly) for mental focus and alertness


I have been swimming Masters continuously for 45 years. While driven by the competition, I have seen the results of training's health benefits. A few years ago I battled bladder cancer. Doctors credited my fitness as a key to beating it. P2Life was a godsend through my recovery. I lost 20 pounds and Nutriboost was my go to meal through a long period of no appetite. I like it, I trust it and I am sure it is a part of my athletic accomplishments.