Timothy Shead

"Feed your body correctly and you will be astounded by how healthy you will be, how good you will feel, and how well you will perform."

P2Life Nutrition is the vision of Co-Founder, Tim Shead. The name P2Life is short for “Protecting Health and Promoting Performance, for Life”. Tim has been involved in swimming and nutrition, for over 50 years, since shortly after he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business in 1974. In fact it was his own dramatic failure in the sport that provided the catalyst, changing his life forever. His path turned away from the financial world towards swimming and nutrition, particularly the importance of getting proper nutrition for maximizing health, and with it performance.


Swimming Lifetime Best at age 55.

In 2007, at age 55, he broke the 55-59 world record in the 100m Individual Medley in a faster time than the world record he had broken just five years before while in the in the younger 50-54 age group. It was also a lifetime best time.

Helped form USA Swimming

In 1976, Tim was elected Chairman of the Committee, by his peers, as such represented all swimmers in the US on the Executive Board and Board of the Directors of swimming as it moved to break away from its previous international multisport affiliation (the Amateur Athletic Union-AAU) to become United States Swimming Inc.

Inducted into the Swimming Hall of Fame

Tim has been inducted in the International Masters Swimming Hall of fame, and has broken over 45 World Records

Tim's plan

Tim has broken over 45 Masters World Records

Tim swims about 3-4 times per week for about an hour, but also heavily focuses on his dryland and weights while not in the pool.

3x NutriBoost (monthly) for filling in any gaps in his diet, promoting recovery, rebuilding muscle and to build his immune system.

1x PowerBoost (monthly) for rebuilding lean muscle and increasing power.

2x EnduroBoost Adaptogens (monthly) for mental focus, alertness and endurance, and to combat stress.