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Hell Week Survival Kit
The key here to surviving Hell Week is maximizing recovery.
We've created the P2Life Hell Week Survival Kit to help you with faster recovery times, improved endurance during intense training sets, a stronger immune system (peroids of high intensity can result in periods of sickness), higher power output while maintaining lean muscle and fights physical and mental fatigue.

It includes:

2x Nutriboost Shakes ($100 value)
1x Enduroboost Adaptogens ($30 value)
1x Powerboost ($30 value)
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NutriBoost is a nutritionally-dense, delicious, shake that provides your body with the nutrition it deserves to enable you to reach your true potential. Improved performance begins with a solid nutritional foundation, and just three servings of the NutriBoost provides your body with 100% of the nutrition it needs to help you achieve maximum recovery.
Scientifically designed to speed-up recovery from training, illness, and injury, the NutriBoost can fill any gaps in any diet, making it the perfect addition to, or replacement for, any meal. Give your body what it needs so you can achieve your goals faster and with a stronger foundation.
EnduroBoost is a combination of three Adaptogenic herbs, specifically formulated for athletes to promote physical performance, increase mental and physical stamina, reduce recovery times, and fight stress. This unique product helps your body adapt and deal with both mental and physical stress and fatigue, and will help you push yourself further for longer, safely.
Everybody deals with stress differently, the EnduroBoost is designed to help athletes adapt to the stressful demands of their sport. EnduroBoost Adaptogens help promote more controlled breathing, reduce recovery times, stiffness and cramping, and help athletes maintain focus and concentration for longer. Every batch is tested to be free of banned and illegal substances by the accredited third-party Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG).
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PowerBoost is a unique blend designed to help athletes increase lean muscle growth and strength, without bulking up. This unique blend of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), Glutamine and Creatine promotes the growth and repair of muscles and tissues and assists in reducing recovery times.
The PowerBoost is for the athlete who is serious about taking their sport to the next level. This powerful blend helps fuel skeletal muscles and increases stamina to promote athletic performance. The PowerBoost also helps delay the onset of muscles fatigue and promotes cellular hydration.
Our results are backed by numbers. Within two years of launching over 40% of the USA Men's National Swim Team were taking P2Life products. Over the years, these athletes have brought home more than 18 Olympic medals, and have set multiple World Records.
P2Life Masters Athletes have set over 700 Masters Swimming World Records, 40 of which were set by P2Life Co-founder, Tim Shead. Athletes taking P2Life products have set over 90 National Age Group records, and 71% of P2Life Masters athletes have been inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Are you ready to achieve your personal best?
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Every Product in the Hell Week Kit is batch tested to be free of banned and illegal substances by the accredited third-party Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG). This allows competing athletes and consumers to take our products with the utmost confidence knowing thatthose products are free from contamination and are safe.
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Swimming is one such sport where having a lean, trim and ideal power-to-weight ratio is crucial for success. The founders, who are swimmers themselves, specifically formulated the Hell Week Kit with this in mind.
Co-founder Tim Shead has been a swimmer his whole life. After missing his chance of becoming an Olympian, he became focused on the importance of the right nutrition for performance and started breaking World Records. At age 60 Tim started beating his best times and was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Co-founder and President Michael Shead represented his country in water polo and is an avid researcher of developments in the nutritional field, which he continually strives to incorporate into P2Life.