Feed your body correctly and you will be astounded by how healthy you will be, how good you will feel, and how well you will perform.

P2Life Nutrition is the vision of Co-Founder Tim Shead. The name P2Life is short for “Protecting Health and Promoting Performance, for Life”. Tim has been involved in swimming and nutrition, for over 50 years, since shortly after he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business in 1974. In fact it was his own dramatic failure in the sport that provided the catalyst, changing his life forever. His path turned away from the financial world towards swimming and nutrition, particularly the importance of getting proper nutrition for maximizing health, and with it performance. 


Learning From Costly Mistakes

At Penn, under coach George Breen, Tim had made steady and dramatic improvements in swimming, and with the1976 Olympics approaching Tim dreamed about making the U.S., Team. So upon graduation Tim moved to California to train with the legendary Olympic Coach, Jim Montrella. Despite Jim’s expert tutelage, and training 4x harder and longer than he had been at Penn, Tim actually swam slower, and never even qualified for the US Olympic trials, much less made the U.S team.

Upon reflection of his failure it became clear that the only possible cause was nutrition. At Penn Tim had been eating professionally prepared meals every day, whereas in California, he ate only fast food. He realized that had failed because his body was not able to cope with, or respond to, the physical demands the intensive training.


Tim helped form “US Swimming Inc”

But outside the pool Tim’s reputation had grown. In 1975, he was elected by the top swimmers in the US to represent them as one of the 5 National Athlete Representatives. An initiative that provided swimmers with both a voice and vote in all matters governing the sport. In 1976, Tim was elected Chairman of the Committee, by his peers, as such represented all swimmers in the US on the Executive Board and Board of the Directors of swimming as it moved to break away from its previous international multisport affiliation (the Amateur Athletic Union-AAU) to become what it remains to today, FINA recognized “United States Swimming Inc”, and the hiring of its first Director Ray Essick.


Tim earns US International Head Coach status

In 1976, Tim stopped swimming competitively, took nutritional courses and combining his coaching desires with his fervor for proper nutritional habits - started his own U.S. swim team in Miami Florida. Within 5 years his swim team grew from just 4 swimmers to over 200, and was ranked among the top club teams in the U.S. He became one of the youngest coaches to ever be awarded the title of Head U.S. International Swim Coach. Another marker of his coaching success was being awarded the prestigious Certificate of Excellence for Coaching Achievement, from the American Swim Coaches Association, for three years in succession.

In 1984, Tim retired from active US Coaching and moved to Johannesburg South Africa with his South African wife and family to dedicate his time promoting the importance of receiving proper nutrition through his Nutritional foods company. Over the years his company’s product range expanded introducing revolutionary products developed by some of the world’s top nutritional experts, researchers, and professionals. Today P2Life continues to grow and enjoys international success and credibility.


From Failure to Success in the pool. Lifetime best times at age 60.

In 1984, Tim also started competing in Masters Swimming in South Africa. Although never a top swimmer when he was younger, Tim has been extremely successful in Masters Swimming. Over the years he continued to improve his world ranking until in 1997, at age 45, he broke his first ever world record.

In 2008, Tim won all 19 of the events he entered in the third biggest international Masters Swimming meet. In the World Championships in Perth, Australia, he broke five world records in each of the five races he entered. Two weeks later at the US Masters Championships in Austin, Texas, he won all of the seven races he had entered, breaking seven U.S., Masters records in the process. Two weeks after Austin, at the YMCA Championships in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he won all eight of the races he entered, again all in Championship record times.

In 2012, at age 60 Tim broke 12 world records including his first ever in the backstroke events where he recorded a lifetime best in setting the 100m world record.

In 2013, Tim was named one of Swimming World Magazine’s ‘World Masters Swimmers of the Year.’

In September 2014, based on his history and accomplishments in swimming, Tim was inducted into the Fort Lauderdale International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame.

To date Tim has broken 33 Individual and 42 overall swimming world records.


Tim’s Proudest Moments

Tim says that these accomplishments rank as his most satisfying:

1) In 2007, at age 55, he broke the 55-59 world record in the 100m Individual Medley in a faster time than the world record he had broken just five years before while in the in the younger 50-54 age group. This was also a lifetime best time and he achieved it without the, then-popular and now banned, full speed suit.

2) In 2008, at the World Championships in Perth, when he broke two world records in the same race, the 100m breast achieving another lifetime personal best of 1:11.13. That record stood untouched for eight years, and was only broken in 2015 by another avid P2Life Nutrition athlete, and 2014 World Masters Swimmer of the Year, David Guthrie.

3) In 2012 and 2013, Tim swam 8 lifetime personal best times.


What is behind his success in swimming

Tim stresses a combination of things have lead to his success; experience, technique, training, rest, and most importantly knowing his body and what it needs- specifically giving his body the right nutrition.

His company philosophy is that the body is, and if you just feed it correctly, you will be amazed at how good you can feel and perform- and what you can accomplish.

“Just because we are getting older does not mean we must slow down! Just take care of yourself - Make sure you give your body what it needs to recover and perform- and watch it perform.” Tim Shead