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About Us

P2Life - About us with Linnea Mack

At P2Life

we believe that with a well-nourished body, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

P2Life Launches in the U.S


Tim brought P2Life to the U.S at the request of Olympic coach David Marsh.

Olympic Dreams realized


Tim realizes his Olympic dreams vicariously, when P2Life starts working with Olympians. Over 40% of the USA Men’s national swim team were taking P2Life products in London. Together they brought home 18 medals. P2Life athletes such as Ricky Berens, Brendan Hansen, Tyler Clary, Tyler McGill all won Gold Medals.

Teens Athletes Break +100 National Age Group Records


P2Life sponsors Michael Andrew (now an Olympic Gold Medalist) and realizes the massive difference P2Life nutritional products can make for teen athletes with their eye on scholarships, the Olympics and more!

Masters Athletes


With a growing number of Masters Swimmers taking P2Life products, we shift our focus to helping swimmers get personal bests and World Records at age 50 and 60+.

P2Life expands to South East Asia


With athletes such as Amanda Lim and Teong Tzen Wei join P2Life's growing elite athlete list.

Paralympic HopeFuls


P2Life is approached by paralympic hopefuls with their eyes on Tokyo.


Tokyo Olympics

Celebrates the realization of more Olympic dreams for young Olympians like Katie Grimes (USA), Matt Sates (RSA), and Patrick Callan (USA).


DOHA Championships

Numerous athletes compete at the DOHA World Championships, including P2Life Founder Tim Shead, who earns


After College, I decided to pursue my dream of making the USA Olympic Swimming Team. At the time, I thought I had ticked all the boxes needed for swimming success. I had one of the best coaches at the time, I was training longer hours and harder, had the dedication, talent and great fast teammates.

“I didn’t even make the Olympic trial cuts. I wasn’t prepared for that. I was training three times as much as I had in college, I had one of the best coaches in the world, and my times had actually gotten slower, but I figured out why...”

Fast-forward 44 years and Tim is breaking world records and achieving lifetime bests. The secret? Going from an Ivy League School, Wharton, where he was consuming the carefully constructed meals provided by the University, three times a day to being out on his own in California, his diet devolved to consist of convenient junk food that, while rich in calories, was basically bankrupt in the nutrition department. Without the right nutrients, his body couldn’t repair effectively, especially under the stress load of longer training times. This is what lost him those precious few seconds. 


This realization was the catalyst for starting a performance nutrition company. Together with some of the best minds in nutritional science, Tim formulated P2Life products for the unique nutritional needs of swimmers. In 1985 P2Life was founded in South Africa, where it is traded as Ultima and Ultima Sport. His daughter Madelaine now runs Ultima & P2Life in South Africa and has been instrumental in helping South African athletes to realize their Olympic dreams. In 2012 over 40% of the USA Men’s Olympic Swim Team trusted P2Life to fuel them so they could bring home 18 medals. Fast forward to today, we have some of the youngest, brightest and most promising athletes taking our products and working to create legacies.


P2Life has helped athletes achieve their lifelong dreams, including making the Olympic and Paralympic teams, bringing home gold, earning scholarships at D1 schools, and making international & national teams. Our products have empowered athletes to break over 899+ World Records, over 100+ National Age Group Records, and counting...Whether you dream of gold or are a working professional trying to stay on top of your game, let us help fuel you for success.