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Hell Week Gift Pack

One of swimming's great yet dreaded traditions is almost here... Hell Week. It's tough, and it pushes you to the limit. Make sure you ready and able to take it head on with the P2Life Hell Week Gift Pack.

This Kit was created exactly for the Hell Week in mind. It focuses on:

  • Faster Recovery Times: the kit provides your body with all the nutrition it needs to recovery quickly and effectively, allowing you to be ready and prepared for your next training session.
  • Improved Endurance During Sets: Increases physical stamina and endurance, Speeds up recovery times between training sets and taper times.
  • Stronger Immune System: Periods of highly demanding training have shown to have negative impacts on immunity. The Nutriboost and Enduroboost Adaptogens help provide your body with the means to recover faster, improve your immune system and deal with these workloads a lot better.
  • Higher Power Output and Lean Strength: promotes lean muscle growth, repair tissues, and muscles, and prevent muscle loss. 
  • Fights Mental Fatigue: ingredients improve concentration, memory, and focus. It energizes your mind, increases alertness and helps prevent brain fatigue.
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