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Get Advice on Great Swim Techniques from our Masters Swimmers!

Training to be an elite swimmer means focusing on different facets of your performance. There's planning every meal of your nutrition plan, making sure you're sleeping enough and at the right times, and of course, perfecting your technique in the pool.

We talked with some of our Masters Swimmers who use our P2Life NutriBoost to help them stay on top of their game to find out some secrets about what they do to improve their swim techniques.


One of the few swimmers who does well in both sprints and distance is Dave Quiggin. This talented Masters Swimmer placed 1st at the 2015 World FINA Masters Long Course top ten swims in the 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1500 Freestyle. That's quite an impressive feat! When it comes to technique, Dave gives swimmers this advice, "The better your turns are, the less you have to swim. Turns are like free distance. Work on a good streamline and push off hard on all turns." So consider working on your turns and talk to your coach about setting some goals to measure your progress.

The Ultimate Masters Athlete Guide


Another Masters Swimmer with an illustrious background is Rich Abrahams. He is a multi-time winner of Swimming World Magazine's "World Masters Swimmer of the Year" and holds over 60 world records in four consecutive age groups. Definitely an accomplished swimmer. Rich's advice on technique: "Have your strokes analyzed by a knowledgeable coach. I’m very lucky because two of my training partners are coaches and we all have studied the latest developments in technique closely." If you're looking at joining a swim club, interview potential coaches and see what they do to keep up-to-date on the latest tips for improving your strokes, and other swim techniques. 

Strong Finish

As swimmers, we spend all season perfecting every technique, working on our time, and eating right to stay in shape and maximize muscle recovery. What a shame it would be to work hard and then not finish strong at the end of the race. Sprint champion Dave Quiggins has this advice on finishing for the win, "Swimmers, particularly sprinters should practice finishing strong. Your race ends when your fingertip touches the wall. No 'cruising in' or lifting your head before you touch the wall. I lost a race by 0.01 seconds and have won by 0.02 seconds. No sense swimming the race hard then losing it at the wall." Part of being an elite swimmer is putting in the grueling work all season long, and this includes down to the last seconds. Finish strong every time and you won't have a hard time doing it come race day!

Working on your technique is only part of what makes a swimmer great. For tips on how to create a great nutrition plan and the nutrients, you should be including in your diet, follow our P2Life blog today!

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