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Article: The Ultimate Holiday Recipe Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Recipe Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Recipe Guide

Whether you’re training, entertaining, or staying home and relaxing these holidays we’ve put together the perfect mix of naughty, nice, and spice in our brand new holiday recipe guide. We’ve curated a selection of our favorite smoothies, snacks, and treats and wrapped them up in e-Book for you to enjoy these holidays.

Each delicious recipe contains over 70% of the vitamins and minerals you need daily as well as essential macronutrients. Incorporate one of the recipes as a snack, meal, or dessert, and know that your body is getting the nutrients it needs. There’s something in here for the whole family, so you can share this together.

Warning: some of these are so delicious you might even feel a little guilty, so we recommend making extra and sharing with those around you. 

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