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Get the Ultimate Masters Athlete Guide

Masters athletes, regardless of level, have many things in common. They share a commitment to discipline, they are determined, and they actively work at being better teammates. The other thing they have in common is similar concerns and, oftentimes, irritating aches. After nearly a decade in the sports nutrition field, we've had a lot of time to speak to and hang out with Masters athletes from age 24-88. We understand how needs change as we age.
Masters athletes are trying new diets, are competing in new-age groups, and are battling stiffness, aches, pains, that are sometimes new, and sometimes an unfortunate norm. From age 30, athletes are racing against time to slow muscle loss and preserve the good power-to-weight ratio they managed to maintain with ease throughout their 20s. We've found that rapid muscle loss and the daily battle with aches and pains, don't have to be the norm. As athletes, we know you're up for that challenge, but do you start?
There are vast amounts of information online, and it's a challenge for athletes to separate fact from fiction, or to decode scientific text into something straightforward and actionable. We've taken a decade of calls, emails, and in-person consultations, experience in the field and condensed the peer-reviewed research we trust into a guide. Introducing: The Ultimate Master Athlete Guide 
This guide will cover: 
  • The demands Masters athletes face, and our findings on which of these are the most challenging.
  • We propose a simple solution to help you achieve your goals, that doesn't involve being stiff and tired every day.
  •  Enjoy a refresher of the basics on recovery and nutrition, and how this changes as we age. Ready for one, strangely, best-kept secret?
  • Sleep soundly tonight with a few choice suggestions on getting a better night's rest.  
  • Are you debating whether to supplement? We'll start at the beginning and cover all the bases; what, why, from whom, when, and how. 
  • Curious about our competitors? We thought you might be so, we created a visual breakdown of the nutritional content and cost.
  • Time to whet your appetite, we have a few recipe ideas that will spice up your morning and evening routine.
  • Finally, a word from the Masters of P2Life Masters athletes, they've broken more world records than we can keep count of (seriously, our content team struggles), and they have a few wise words for you.
    Click here to download The Ultimate Teen Athlete Guide. Did we miss something? If you feel your question wasn’t answered in the guide write in and let us know, so we can answer it for you.
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