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Get The Ultimate Teen Athlete Guide

There’s no question about it, teens are training harder, are experiencing fiercer levels of competition and are doing all of these in the face of new challenges. Parents are worried about their kids getting the right nutrition, not getting enough sleep, dealing with stress, recovering from an injury or illness or trying to avoid injuries. They’re worried about college, they’re weighing up whether supplements are the right choice, if they’re not taking them and their competition is, does this put their teen at a disadvantage? Then there’s the psychological battle, if a teen isn’t seeing any improvement and they start to become demotivated, where do you start? These questions are tough and we get them a lot. If you have the same question, rest assured you are not alone. Every parent wants the best for their teen, and wants them to become the best they can possibly be. They have a lot of questions about what the road to unlocking that potential looks like.

This is a challenge, made even more difficult by the vast amounts of information online, and many parents aren’t sure which are fact, and which are fiction. After a decade of questions, calls, emails and in-person consultations with teens and their parents we’ve put together The Ultimate Teen Athlete Guide to address your questions about unlocking your teen’s true potential.

We’ve combined our decades of experience in sports nutrition, thousands of interviews, peer-reviewed research (we’ve also included some extra reading) and condensed them into a simple guide. 

This Guide Will Cover:

1. The demands teens face as an athlete, as well as our findings on which of these are posing the greatest challenges for them, as well as their parents.

2. We propose a solution that anyone can, and everyone should, incorporate into their teen’s training in some form, and we go over how this can be customized for your teen’s specific needs.

3. We’ll go over nutrition basics, sleep tips.

4. We address the elephant in the room - should you introduce supplements? If you decide to go that route, how do you pick the right ones?

5. A question we get a lot is how do our products help and how do we compare? We break this down in terms of nutritional content and cost.

6. Tips from the pros about fueling for success.

7. Two recipes to spice up your teen’s morning routine.

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