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It's Not Too Late! Why You Should Join a Masters Swim Team

If you've been reading our blog lately, then you definitely have seen some of our articles featuring Masters swimmers who are breaking records and having great success in the pool. Maybe you're debating whether or not you should join a swim team and if you're ready. But as you'll see, it's not too late to join a Masters swim team and there are so many benefits to being part of this reputable organization.

To get some perspective on being part of a Masters Swim club, we talked to Kyle Deery, Director of Marketing for U.S. Masters Swimming. On joining a swim team, Kyle shared, "Many people have hesitation to join a Masters team because they think you have to be over 45 or you have to compete or you have to be fast…that is not the case." The USMS organization has swim teams all over the United States and in every age group, starting at 18-24 years old all the way up to the 100-104 age group. 

There are many reasons why people get involved with Masters swimming, which is what makes it a great choice for everyone at every level of fitness. In our conversation with Kyle, he also said that Masters swim clubs are great "if you are looking to improve your technique, become more efficient in the water, and want to be a part of a larger community."

The Ultimate Masters Athlete Guide

The Benefits

- Diversity: There are so many different ages, backgrounds, and swimming levels on each team. Being exposed to a diverse range of swimming partners helps you improve your own skill level and helps you to get inspired by other members' success stories.

- Coaching: Access to top coaches is unparalleled to the exposure you're going to get with a Masters swim club. If you are serious about competing and taking your swimming to the next level, the USMS swim coaches are there to help improve your technique and efficiency. Working with coaches at this level is one of the biggest benefits that isn't found elsewhere!

- Sense of community: Not only are you in an environment where your teammates constantly push you in practice to achieve your personal best, but you also get to have fun with outside of the pool. Having a sense of community and making new friends is a healthy, positive way to build a community and network outside of your normal channels.

How to join

It's easy to start! Head to this page to search for a swim club in your area. In some neighborhoods, you may have access to different swim teams, so visit them all and find one that suits your goals and meet with the coaches if you have a goal of competing. Whatever you decide, don't wait! Joining a Masters swimming club will be one of the best decisions you make for yourself, both physically and personally.

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