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Article: NutriBoost & How It Can Help Improve Your Swim Performance

NutriBoost & How It Can Help Improve Your Swim Performance

NutriBoost & How It Can Help Improve Your Swim Performance

If you've been reading our posts for a while, you might have heard us mention one of our best-selling products, the NutriBoost Shake. Well over the past 5-6 years, our NutriBoost shake has helped thousands of Masters, elite, and aspiring athletes perform at their best.

Over 40% of the USA Men's Olympic swim team that went to London in 2012 were taking NutriBoost including Olympic Gold Medalists like Davis Tarwater, Tyler Clary, Brendan Hansen and Ricky Berens, just to name a few of those athletes who came back from London. NutriBoost also helped over half of the South African Men's swim team compete at peak levels in London, including athletes like Roland Schoeman, Gideon Louw, Graeme Moore, and Sebastein Rossouw.

Beyond just making an impact in the Olympic setting, NutriBoost has also helped Masters swimmers perform at their best, like Laura Val, who now has over 350 World records, Rich Burns, who holds over 70 World Records, as well as P2Life's cofounder and original NutriBoost user Tim Shead, who set a lifetime best swim at the age of 58.

The proof and success is there. So why are so many award-winning athletes using NutriBoost? Let's talk about some of the challenges they face, what's in our nutritious protein shakes, and how it can help you with your swimming performance.

You're not alone

All swimmers, including some of the most successful swimmers mentioned above, have woken up feeling tired, stiff, groggy, and definitely not eager to jump in the pool. We've all been there. But after sleeping 6-9 hours, you should feel your best when you wake up and the morning should be your strongest part of the whole day.

Unfortunately, many swimmers don't spend time recovering before they go to sleep. They didn't adhere to proper nutrition guidelines throughout the day, and so their bodies don't have the nutrition they need to recover while they sleep. Instead of feeling replenished, your muscles cannot function at 100% because they didn't get adequate nutrition the day before. Please take special note to the word "nutrition", which doesn't just mean "protein" and "carbs". Nutrition includes every single nutrient the body needs to survive and perform well, from the proteins down to vitamins (like vitamin D3) and minerals like iron. What's in NutriBoost?

NutriBoost is not one of your typical "protein shakes". Yes, it has protein in it, but it's so much more than just that. So what's in NutriBoost, what makes it so unique for swimmers, and why are so many professional athletes drinking it?

The Ultimate Masters Athlete Guide

It begins with its 3 superior protein sources:

  • Whey: is an anabolic (muscle building and recovery) protein. However, it can also cause you to bulk and gain weight. This is why whey is always found in all “Mass” or “Body Building” products - and it can be counterproductive to the lean trim bodies swimmers need. The NutriBoost contains enough whey to gain strength and speed recovery without bulking.
  • Caseinate: like whey, it comes from milk and has a superb amino acid profile. Caseinate is very expensive, but critical because it is a time-release protein. This keeps a constant supply of protein and energy in the blood which creates a fantastic medium for muscle growth and helps eliminate any potential muscle loss while sleeping. 
  • Soy: a non-GMO protein, is included because it has natural Glutamine, in addition to its high essential amino acid content as well as a multitude of benefits including stimulating growth hormone. 

Beyond these key proteins, NutriBoost is also a nutritionally dense complete food source with vitamins and minerals that help you recover faster while you sleep. It is packed with so much nutrition that 2 scoops daily will provide you with roughly 70% of basically all the vitamins and minerals the body needs. Nutrients that have been proven to build strength, improve immune function, increase oxygen flow to your muscles, and a host of many other benefits. Here is a list of all the additional vitamins and minerals it provides:

Vitamin A Vitamin B2 Biotin  Selenium
Vitamin C Vitamin B3 Pantothenic Acid  Copper
Calcium Vitamin B6 Phosphorus  Manganese
Iron Potassium Iodine  Chromium
Vitamin D Sodium Magnesium  Molybdenum
Vitamin E Folic Acid Zinc  Chloride
Vitamin B1 Vitamin B12    

It's also important to note what's NOT in NutriBoost. We batch test our products to be 100% free of banned or illegal substances by the third party Banned Substances Control Group.

How can it help me perform better?

As we mentioned earlier, sleep is one of the most critical components of your swim training. Sadly, when most athletes get into bed, their bodies are in a state of nutritional deficiency since they probably didn't get all of the required nutrients from their diet. You might have gotten a surplus in a couple of nutrients, but chances are you'll be lacking in other nutrients. At P2Life, we go by the saying "Rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it". On a daily basis, the NutriBoost shake helps fill in the nutritional gaps your diet is likely to be missing.

So how can it help? Well simply put, when you take the NutriBoost shake, you give your body the nutrients it needs. It will recover faster, better, and more efficiently. You will wake up feeling fantastic, stronger, less stiff, your trainings will start improving, and with that comes better race results. 

"Feed your body correctly and you will be astounded by how healthy you will be, how good you will feel, and how well you will perform."

- Tim Shead, P2Life Co-founder

So when you go to sleep undernourished, your body goes into a state of cannibalism, a "catabolic state", where the body breaks down lean muscle and other tissue in order to replenish itself and recover. This is why you might not wake up feeling refreshed and recovered.

Our low-calorie shake is designed to help meet your bodies' nutritional needs at any time of the day, but having the NutriBoost shake before bed is an ideal way to increase explosive power and strength without bulking up and maintaining or reducing your body fat. NutriBoost provides you with these essential proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and trace elements that your body needs to help you achieve maximum health, your true performance potential, and speed recovery from training, illness and injury.

There's lots of protein shakes out there, but fortunately finding the right nutrients in the right mix doesn’t need to be complicated or a challenge. We have the nutritional boost with proven success: NutriBoost.


Does Nutriboost help with sleep?

Fredricka Robinson

Where can I find it in South Africa in Bloemfontein, who is the agents?


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