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Recovery 101 Guide

Any athlete looking to improve their performance will need to focus on recovery to ensure they're getting the benefits from their training. Being able to show up to training and put in 100% over and over again is required if you're looking to become a stronger, faster, and more powerful athlete. Whether you're able to do that comes down to how well you've recovered. Increasing the intensity and frequency of your training also means paying more attention to how you're recovering, after all what you put in is going to determine what you get out. Optimal recovery can make the difference between shaving off split seconds and spending the next couple of months recovering from an injury. 

We've combined our decades of experience in sports nutrition, thousands of interviews, peer-reviewed research, and have condensed them into a simple guide, your Recovery 101 Guide. 

This Guide Will Cover: 

1. Why recovery is crucial when you're ramping up your training

2. How the recovery process works

3. Nutrition 101 - recovery-focused nutrition, getting the most out of what you're putting into your body

4. Sleep - why it's crucial and tips for getting better quality sleep

5. Mobility and stretching tips

6. Suggestions for soothing sore muscles

7. Mental motivation tips from the pros 

Recovery 101 Guide

Click here to download your Recovery 101 Guide. Did we miss something? If you feel you still have questions after reading this, write in and let us know, or start a chat. 

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